2019 Greek Odyssey – Day 21

SANTORINI – a stormy day

After a glorious day yesterday, last night we had gale force winds sweeping in from the Aegean, so much so that I had to get up during the night and collapse the deck chairs as they were flinging around all over the place,  Not much sleep and I wake up to a grey, windy day with scudding showers. This is possibly going to be the shortest post I have ever done.

Breakfast time downstairs in the pool area – it is not raining so I start out on the deck with a great view but soon move inside because of the wind and cold.

Because the weather is lousy and due to the fact that there are around 3 cruise ships in port (and that means 3,000 fakers) I will not be going into town nor will I be organising a bus trip to Akrotiri – the bronze age settlement –  bummer.

I will stay home, sheltered and warm and catch up on my missed sleep.  There are small windows of sunshine so that I can sit outside but most of the day I am hibernating.

I get a chance to look through all my photos taken so far.  This has been a great journey and I relive every moment and realise that there is still more to come.

Later in the day a wedding takes place in the hotel next door.  The rain showers have stopped by this time but it is still miserable weather. I feel sorry for the bride and groom.  I bet they had ideas of photos with a spectacular sunset behind them – but alas – the gods are not happy.  I hope it is not an omen for them.

Still cloudy so no Santorini Sunset – people on the cruise boats would be pissed to say the least – but unfortunately you cannot dictate weather patterns to Mother Nature.

Still, the sunset is not too bad.  Granted it is not fiery reds and oranges but it is relaxing golds with rays shimmering over the caldera.

This is a fabulous hotel – steps are a bit much – but it is on the side of a cliff so I just have to suck it up.

Tomorrow I set sail to Mykonos – let’s hope that the weather improves.  I have a room right on the beach and I am really looking forward to swimming in the Aegean.




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