2019 Greek Odyssey – Day 22

SANTORINI to MYKONOS – so many islands – so little time

The lousy weather from yesterday has disappeared but not the winds.  Was another windy night with banging and clanging so I am looking forward to the relaxing trip on the ferry.

Another nice breakfast eaten in the shelter of the pool area and then it’s time to check out and wait for my ride into town so that I can catch the ferry to Mykonos, at least the sun is out.

I have snaffled some pastries from brekky to eat on the journey (faker material for sure).

The nice young guy carries my luggage up the stairs – a job well done – but he disappears before I can give him a tip.

Another ‘vigorous’ journey through the town and down the mountain – this is the local fish market where I am sure they are following the local health standards – and we arrive at the port which by this time is in total chaos.

Dragging my bags along the little road and then up the ramps of the ferry, I am stuffed before I even get to my seat.

This ferry goes Santorini – Ios – Naxos – Mykonos – so it is the scenic route which I don’t mind a bit.  Anywhere near or on the water and I am happy.

Arrive at Mykonos where more chaos is happening.  There is also a dirty big cruise boat in the harbour – looks like solitude and swimming at my hotel for sure.

Finally find my hotel transfer and we are away.  Not so bad a journey but I get a bit worried when I spy this.

Either the driver of the boat had a bad night fishing and missed the ramp completely even though we are not near the water – or he went to the local taverna and missed the turn off or there was a tsunami.

After dropping off a couple of other travellers at their hotels I arrive at mine – The Agrogiali Beach Hotel.   From the driveway it doesn’t look much – but then down the path and into check in and WOW!  Yep, right on the beach.  The receptionist is very nice and explains the towel situation.  She gives me a ticket which I redeem for a towel.  When I bring back the towel she gives me another ticket.  I have booked a Deluxe Seaview –  Room 251 – on the first floor.  It doesn’t look much but it is a large room with a large bathroom – and the view is to die for –

I can see me sitting out here in the early evenings – but first things first.  Unpack, get on the cozzies and head for the beach.

Because I am staying at this hotel there is no charge for the seats on the beach so I plonk my stuff down and head for the Aegean.  Water is a bit cool but so refreshing and in I plunge.  I am finally able to tick off another item on my bucket list – to travel to the Greek Islands and swim in the blue, blue Aegean.  I can hardly contain myself with joy.

The water is calm and I have my Powershot with me so that I can take photos from the sea.

Above left is my hotel – and just in case you didn’t believe that I was lounging around in the Aegean- here is the Aegean and my feet. Ha!

I cannot tell you how long I was floating – but finally I have to return to the sand and lie in the sun for a while.  Talk about feeling drowsy.

Back to my room – more photos of the view –

Time for a shower and a little nap – – then it’s time for dinner.  I order room service – a Pork Yeros on a Baguette with hot chips and a Margarita.

This is then served on my balcony.  OMG How good do I feel?  Pretty bloody good.

Sitting here sipping on my boozy drink – it is dark before I decide to retire for the night.  Lying in bed listening to the little waves on the beach zzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Tomorrow – more relaxing – more swimming – I just don’t know how I will cope!



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