2016 Ultimate Kenya – Day 15 Part 2

SAMBURU – grazers and jumbos

My tentThis is another view of my tent.  Refreshed after the dip in my pool I am ready to tackle the afternoon.  A few of us had relaxing plunges – some did not.  We gather our gear once again and head to our trusty four wheeled friend who by this stage groans when we come into view.

We have requested that we stop and photograph a lot more of our grazer variety of friends.  We seem to have been a bit blase about these, mainly concentrating on the dirty big varieties and driving by with cameras on our laps instead of hanging them out the windows.  Hopefully we will get to see and photograph some of their cute faces with the big eyes.

Speaking of cute faces – first group we spy are a group of Pumbas – definitely they do not fall into the cute category but still a rather long stop to enjoy their company and then down the track is another stop – yep definitely a cutie – we photograph a Grant’s Gazelle.

Pumba familyGrants GazelleDo you mind if this turns into another photo fest – – I will just give you the species and then you can take it from there.  Well, that’s the plan anyway – –

Here is a Tawny Eagle below left and a Beisa Oryx on the right.  Look at the length of those horns?  Certainly would not want to be given a bit of a hurry up with those.

Tawny EagleBeisa OryxGerenukThis is a Gerenuk – otherwise known as the giraffe gazelle.

Isn’t it amazing how it reaches up into the trees to get at the succulent bits?

We certainly are having a great time with four footed varieties.  Now that we are not concentrating on elephants or leopards we get to realise just how many types of antelope and gazelle there are.  We also realise that these beauties are most probably on the menu for some resident lion or leopard – but I won’t think about that.

I will just look at their beautiful faces with those innocent eyes.

Next – another little Dik-Dik and some Impala.

Dik DikImpalaWe are certainly getting our moneys worth of grazers eh?

Soon it is time to head back and what do we see? Yep elephants down by the river.  Digging out the banks and throwing dust, they are having a wonderful time.

ElephantsElephantsOnce again another day is done, our last full day on Safari.


KingfisherWe finish up with some feathered friends – this beautiful Kingfisher is just sitting there as if he is waiting to pose for us – the rest take off for the trees.

When our clickers have clicked their last it is time for us to meet up with our Maasai friends who have prepared some lovely snacks and cold drinks out in an open area of the park.

We sit in the peace and enjoy the sunset while our warrior friends stand guard in case animals with large teeth want to join in.

Our hosts are most gracious – the setting is incredible and all in all it has been a great day – thank you to all our friends who posed for these photos – I wish I could spend more time with you.

SunsetThe sunsets in Africa are wonderful – actually sunsets anywhere in the world are wonderful.

This photo takes me back to remembering sitting with a glass of chilled wine in one hand and tasty little bits in the other – listening to the animals, admiring our Maasai hosts who have done everything to make us feel so welcome and making our stay out of the ordinary.

Such memories will last a lifetime.

OryxThis afternoon’s bum shot is of the Oryx family – such incredible animals, plus they were the only ones who turned their back on me. How rude is that I ask?

Highlight of the afternoon – the Gerenuk

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