2016 Ultimate Kenya – Day 17

NAIROBI to DUBAI – a case full of memories

Nairobi SunriseSaturday – Waking up at sunrise and grabbing the camera – where did I get this habit from? Today is the last day in Kenya – isn’t that enough to rot your socks!  All my beautiful new animal friends and everyone on this safari – especially Chris, Jess, Moses and John – what can I say?  Thank you just doesn’t cut it.

You were all incredible and shared your wealth of knowledge so unselfishly, even when we asked stupid questions – it helped make this such a great 2 weeks – to all the cooks who really helped us all to lose weight (NOT) you can come to my house anytime.  To all my travelling companions – I hope that you had as much fun and wonderment as I did – –

Today we leave The Windsor and head for the cramped airport of Nairobi and the even more cramped seating on the plane to Dubai.  But I won’t think of that now – let’s just enjoy a sunrise fest – – the clouds come over and then they disappear and then they come back but it all adds to the place eh?

SunriseSunriseTime to start gathering my belongings for the big pack.  Cameras, lenses and computer get safely stored in the camera bag – and as I am on the way home I can pack the chargers, leads and anything else in my suitcase.  If they get lost then there will no great panic as what would have occurred had I arrived without them!

Most everything is done then it’s time for brekky on the open terrace – fresh strong coffee and everything that goes with it.  What a wonderful place to relax before getting back to the rat race.  We will meet in the foyer for our transfers back to the airport – some have left earlier – some will be going later – so with my trusty red bag, camera bag and bag with passport, tickets etc it is time to get on the bus – –

All the following photos are taken with my Canon PS as the big Canons have been securely stowed.  It is great having a little point and shoot – just whip it out of the pocket and away I go.  It also came in handy to take some movies during the safari – but I digress – –

I had forgotten what a rat race Nairobi is – we have been spoilt with virtually tourist free tracks on open plains – and now there are horns blaring and cars and vans zipping all over the place – and the shops on the side of the roads – the  list goes on.

To the airportNairobiEven though the photos do not show it – the roads are packed and traffic comes to a standstill more times than not which is making my travelling companions a bit anxious as their flights are before mine – I have plenty of time.

Every now and again it gets too much for some and they zip down the shoulder of the road and push their way back in.

Finally arriving at the airport surrounds we have to go through security so we get out of the jeep – walk to the other size of the barrier after being checked and scanned and then get back in the jeep.  Now it’s time to do the ‘enter the airport’ shuffle.

The queue is very long but it is moving quickly – through the scanners again – now to check in.

No probs – except for the camera bag which is tottering on the brink of being unpacked and reorganised – but the lady is so nice and gives me a sticker saying ‘Fragile – Cabin Baggage – Camera Equipment’ I feel just like a NatGeo photographer.

My passport is stamped again – now I have coming and going!

My seat

Actually things went pretty smooth considering – – I am departing on Emirates EK720 leaving Nairobi at 4.40pm and getting into Dubai at 10.40pm.  This is my seat – the only down point of the trip.  No window except for the one you see which means I had to lean forward practically performing a double pike with a twist to get any photos.

But get them I did – nothing stops me from clicking away – I did however, get some rather strange looks – but hey – if you haven’t paid for my holiday then mind your own business.

Time for some ‘out the window’ shots – and of course you expected them.  You know me too well.

Nairobi airportIn the airBeing packed in like sardines – I can always manage to get a photo or 5!  As you can see it is a cloudy afternoon – very still – so maybe a storm later on, but I won’t worry about that because I will be miles away.  I just love it when the plane starts to climb – what an adrenaline rush – watching the land fall away – –

MapOut the windowWhen we reach the desired height the hot towels are offered and are most welcome and refreshing.  There are about 6 young kids in my area but they are behaving themselves so far – let’s hope it stays that way.

Another mapDuskThe Flight Path is of course on the screen so I am happy.  Once everyone is organised Dinner is served.  I did not take any photos of the food as I could not reach my camera due to the cramped space – and stupid me put it in the back of the seat in front so that when the tray was down – there was no way I could get it.

Dinner consisted of Tuna Salad with potatoes and olives; Beef Stew with steamed basmati rice, buttered green beans and carrots, Passionfruit cheesecake with a berry coulis and coffee; doesn’t that sound good – believe me it was.

More mapsWorld times

After the trays are cleared, I retrieve my camera and I can now settle down to take some photos of the screen and also some when we come into Dubai.

Coming into DubaiComing into DubaiDubai International is a huge airport and it is now around 10.45pm – it is going to be a long night.  Hopefully there will be some sleep on the plane back to Sydney but I am sure that the minute we get on they will take us all to the trough.

Highlight of the day : My final Kenyan sunset – it’s enough to make me cry

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