2017 Snow and Lights – Planning



AND all of a sudden there is a new adventure in the planning.  My travelling strategy is when one adventure has been fully planned and budgeted then it is time for a new one to take its place – you have to go to work for a reason – and this is it – 4 weeks of snow and ice so here we go.  Going from an Aussie Summer to a snowy Winter with sub zero temperatures is going to be exciting eh?

4th February 2017 will see me jetting off again back to the USA and Canada – this is the plan – – you ready?

Fly into SAN FRANCISCO – transit and fly to PORTLAND OREGON – and all the way using my trusty QFF points.  Then it’s off to Kylie’s at –

ST HELENS – OREGON for a day or two with my daughter and her husband Tyler.  We will get our snow gear (I am sure I will look like the Michelin Man) before we all drive back into PORTLAND airport where we fly out for –

BOZEMAN – MONTANA (where is that I hear you say?) It is the airport close to Yellowstone National Park and we will overnight here in Bozeman before getting the Winter Shuttle from our hotel for the overland to Mammoth Hot Springs where we will then get on another shuttle to our accommodation –

YEL1054B_Snow_Lodge_2OLD FAITHFUL SNOW LODGE at YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK.  I love Yellowstone, it is one of the greatest places on God’s Green Earth – although with the amount of tourists descending there in Summer, I am glad to be going in Winter when there will be 6 metres of snow – maybe even more with a blizzard or two thrown into the mix.

Sitting in front of a roaring fire with mulled wine – yep I am going to enjoy this for sure plus I cannot wait to put the cameras into action as we have booked into a few Winter photography excursions over our week’s stay before going back to BOZEMAN and then flying home to – ST HELENS – OREGON : where we will relax for a couple of days and then drive to –

VANCOUVER CANADA – this is also a great place.  But soon we will head to the airport, park our car and fly up to –

Enzian 2WHITEHORSE YUKON TERRITORY – to stay at the NORTHERN LIGHTS RESORT AND SPA.  How luxurious does that sound? Fancy sitting in an outdoor heated spa where you can sit there looking at the snow that covers the landscape?  Hopefully the Northern Lights will come out and dance around the skies for us – more photography testing out new skills.

After this we head back to Vancouver staying at VANCOUVER ISLAND for a few days before driving back to ST HELENS. Time to thaw out, check the photos and enjoy some down time before flying back to SYDNEY.

So how does that sound? Want to come along? Best part is no injections or tablets to take.  All I have to worry about is me, 20kg of camera gear and loads of warm winter woollies.

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