2017 Snow & Lights – Day 19


Leaving the freezeWednesday – Our final morning here at this wonderful sanctuary.  It really doesn’t seem fair that we have to leave but unless we want to be physically removed by Wolfgang and Renate we have to go.

This has been an exceptional experience – one that everyone should be able to enjoy.  Unfortunately for me it is on the other side of the world – if it was closer I would be here all the time in every season.

But life must go on so after our usual scrumptious breakfast we go back to our chalets, pack and make sure we do not leave anything behind.  Long way to return to get it if we do.

PaintingWe settle our accounts and mine is just a bit more than expected – I will explain.

An artist displays his paintings through the main chalet and ever since our arrival I have been casting my eye over one of them.  I finally plucked up the courage to ask Wolfgang to hold it for me while he contacted the artist for a price.

Two nights before we leave I find out the price and without batting an eyelid I ask Wolfgang to pack it up so I can take it.  I just love spontaneous decisions 🙂

Such a great painting – the statue in the front is The Inukshuk – an Inuit symbol made of stone and designed as a directional marker, signifying safety, hope and friendship and then there is The Aurora Borealis and those wonderful patterns and colours.

Yep, a great memory of this holiday – it now hangs on my wall at home and every time I look at it – I feel a sense of privilege and gratification at being permitted to enjoy these Dancing Ladies.

CardsCardsIt is a chilly morning – minus 20 but a little venture outside before we leave and yep, I am still taking photos.

Vegemite on iceSIgnThese are the last photos before we get into the car with our piles of luggage and head off to Whitehorse.

My chalet - EnzianOur flight 533AA does not leave until 5pm so there is no great rush.

We arrive and have to return the car which is not a drama.

The luggage trolleys are packed to the brim and there does not seem to be a problem with the weigh in.  Just goes to show that all scales at airports are not equal.

08 JacketThen it is time for a little sit down or maybe explore the shops.  There is not a great deal open – but we manage to discover one souvenir shop.

A couple of T-shirts don’t go astray and then I spy a wonderful woollen jacket.  It is very woodsy – moose etc woven into the pattern but it looks very, very warm.  Great for cold, snowy climates but will I wear it back in Oz?  Of course I will (no laughing allowed please) – so another purchase is made.

Lordy, how I am going to carry all of this crap.  I will find a way.

WHitehorseI have my camera bag, my painting, my personal bag and now this bloody jacket.  Memo to self – let’s just think about this in future.  Time to proceed through security and what a hoot that is.  I am laden down like a pack mule.

No problems with check in – and we head to Gate 1 – all the way down the end of course.  By the time we arrive I am exhausted to say the least and just plonk into the typical not so comfortable waiting area chair.

Our planeNot to be sitting too long – the camera is out and the tourist in me is snapping away again. Come on – you really expected it didn’t you?  It is soon time to board so balancing everything again we trundle off and are soon trying to organise everything in the overhead lockers.

Unfortunately I have become one of those tragics who take up more than their allotted space.  There seems to be enough room for everyone so that’s good.  The plane seems to be pretty full but I have a window – 2A up the front – and my camera – all is good!

We are pushed back and heading for the runway and then the engines are revving and soon we are up and on our way to Vancouver.  I love flying, but I think I may have told you that before.

Up and awaySnowy fieldsSad to think that we will be saying farewell to the snowy fields below but first it is ‘feed to group’ time.  It is a toasted sandwich again but this time it is much more enjoyable than the first one.

ToastieThe filling is more even and we get a little packet of nibblies and this, together with some orange juice goes down well – I am easily pleased and enjoy every bit of it.

Soon the sun begins to set and the skies become dark but every now and again I spy a light below – could it be a farm situated out in the never, never?  I will never, never know.

It is an enjoyable flight – but the descent into Vancouver is upon us and of course the video function on my camera is running.

The lights below are shining away guiding us to the airport and then we have a safe landing and some travellers commence the ‘I need to get to the airport before everyone else’ exercise.

I am happy to sit and wait, I do not have any connecting flight, we just need to collect our bags and head to the car.

HotelWe are checking back into the Executive Airport Plaza so hopefully they will remember they promised us a bigger suite.

We remember not to unload the car at reception – once we have checked in, we drive up to the car park and unload there. It is a much easier time of it than the previous arrival and yes the suite is bigger. Not much I will say, but at least I do not have a dirty big air conditioning unit in my room.  K&T have an ensuite and I have the other bathroom which is quite a good size.  We are happy – now what’s for dinner?  Pizza of course and Tyler does  the ordering.

After pigging out once again, it’s time for bed. Tomorrow we head for Victoria Island which will finish our 2017 adventure.

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