2017 Snow & Lights – Days 23; 24; 25

ST HELENS – just kickin’ back

BurgervilleSunday, Monday and two days of doing nothing.  We had some plans to go to Multnomah Falls and the Oregon Zoo but the weather is lousy and we didn’t feel like trudging through the rain and cold so staying inside in front of the fire watching TV and just vegging out seems to be the right thing to do.

The highlight of the day was yet another fish feast from Burgerville.  Their Halibut is delicious so it is that for lunch on both days.  I do love seafood if it is cooked properly and am always a bit wary if it is from a fast food joint – but I can thoroughly recommend Burgerville at St Helens – just in case you are over that way some day.

Another highlight was watching the Oscars LIVE.  What a hoot that turned out to be as they announced the wrong film as Best Picture.  What a stuff up – personally I thought it was a scream.

Tuesday – the weather has improved so we decide to venture forth and go to the movies. I think we are getting a bit house crazy.  There is a large complex in Vancouver Washington – not the Vancouver in Canada and not the Washington on the East Coast.  After a bit of a walk around the big shopping mall – it is huge – it is time to head off to Cinetopia where our seats are booked in the Living Room Skybox.  We are going to see star Wars VII -The  Force Awakens – K&T have seen it – I have not so being a huge Star Wars fan – I am really looking forward to it.  Getting the higher class reserved seats entitles us to personal service – we order popcorn (of course) and I get a coke.

Actually, the seating is comfortable but when the seat reclines a bit, the railing in front is right in front of my eyes but that is only a slight annoyance and I really don’t have to recline.  The movie was great – Star Wars is always better on a big screen instead of the TV – – I just love these movies and when it is over I cannot wait for the next one to be released.

Panda ExpressNow it time for lunch – albeit a bit late it is more line LunDi – a cross between Lunch and an early Dinner.

We head towards the Food Court and the smells get us going.  I did not eat much popcorn so am hungry and walking around all the different stores I decide on Panda Express which is Chinese of course.

On one of our other road trips there was a Panda Express in Washington DC and the food was delicious.  The food here looks just as good so I get a large plate of Broccoli Beef, Honey Sesame Chicken and Fried Rice for a cost of USD 10.00 – this includes a drink (not alcoholic more’s the pity).

Today is not a photo day so I have searched the web and came up with these pictures of my food – I am getting hungry all over again just looking at it as I write this post – –

Honey ChickenBroccoli BeefFried Rice



Now you may think that things are desperate when I don’t take any photos for 3 days and you would be right.  I am going into photo meltdown.

We have another walk around and I buy some little shamrock ear-rings as St Pats day will be soon upon us and I will wear them to work.

Back home again – tomorrow is time to fly again – this time across the Pacific to my City of Sydney –

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