2017 Kangaroo Island – a plan

Main pageA place way down on the bucket list for when I get too old, infirmed or not allowed to travel overseas – an opportunity presented itself for the Chris Bray Kangaroo Island 6 day tour in November this year.

Escorted by Jonathan and The Lady Natsumi – (remember them from the 2015 South Coast weekend adventure?) it will be a great time.

On reading the Chris Bray FB page – a place had become available due to a cancellation.  You all know that I am a creature of impulse on some occasions and this one definitely fitted into that category.

As a past Bray Trekker I received a discount so of course I jumped in – with the encouragement of my daughter Kylie – and took up the vacant spot.  This did not interfere with my budgeting for Japan in 2018 so that is still a go-er depending what Mr North Korea does to us all.

Once the tour was confirmed I then had to think about flights to Adelaide.  Checking Qantas and using my FF points I could fly Business and still have loads of points left.

I will be one of those obnoxious Business Class people who get to board first and then get to leave first and of course I will have a smug look on my face as I look at those in cattle class. I can hardly wait and I am sure that the other BC passengers will be giving me more than one strange look as the camera starts to click away for the usual out the window photos and the  food.  Too bad.

So noting the flights, an email was sent off to CB for their OK to connect with the KI flights and they said yes.  So here you go – –

Flying out of Sydney Wednesday 1st November – QF1557 – 11.30am – seat 3F – arriving Adelaide 1.10pm – Boeing 717.  Change to Rex Regional Air to Kingscote Kangaroo Island.

Returning Rex Air to Adelaide Monday 6th November it’s then – QF756 – 2.50pm – seat 3F – arriving Sydney 5.15pm – Boeing 737-800 winglets.

I do not know if those planes have a flight path screen that shows all that useless information you love but the above plane details should keep you entertained for a while.

Back to Kangaroo Island.  This sounds like a fabulous little journey – in keeping with any CB excursion the amount of people is limited to 8 – and as I get older the less people on tour the better.   A brief run down on what we will get up to is as follows and if you want you can read more about it, see photos and a video click here:

Day 1 – we fly from Adelaide to Kangaroo Island (on a much smaller plane where packed luggage allowance is 15kg)  and head for our accommodation – Island Beach Lodge which is nestled into the bushland overlooking the ocean,  Tonight we will enjoy a gourmet seafood feast (scrumptious) and obviously a glass or two of my favourite vitamin – vitamin G.

Day 2  – we visit Duck Lagoon at sunrise (so not too much to drink on Day 1) for black swans and other winged friends – then it’s off to our own private charter boat to see seals, dolphins and anything else lurking in the depths.  We even get a chance to swim with the dolphins if we are adventurous.

Day 3 – another sunrise shooting then to some spectacular gardens followed by some time with raptors and more birds.  We then have our own Outlander moment and slip through a crack in the rocks to arrive at a concealed beach.  Tonight we enjoy a catered BBQ dinner at our change of accommodation – a private house at Vivonne Bay.

Day 4 – maybe some more sunrise photography (all these early mornings).  After breakfast it’s off to Kelly Hill Caves and then with our very own guide some cave photography. Back to the house for some well earned rest – and this afternoon we have a koala walk.  Admiral’s Arch and The Remarkables (an iconic and incredible group of rocks) is also on the agenda.

Day 5 – another early morning photography shoot and then we head to the local airstrip for our ‘doors off’ flight over the area.  This certainly was a buzz in Kenya and I should imagine this one will be as well.  We return to Island Beach Lodge for our last night and a special farewell dinner

Day 6 – we get to sleep in or do some more early photography which I will most probably do because I cannot sleep in no matter what and then it is back to reality.

Doesn’t that sound great??  My major challenge will be what to pack in the 15kg checked bag allowance and the camera bag with a limit of 7kg.  The thought of wearing a dirty big coat with lots of pockets springs to mind.  Maybe time to resurrect my snow coat???

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