2018 Incredible Japan – Update #1

Time for a quick update on how things are progressing.

With 15 weeks to go before I fly out, it is time to start thinking about what camera gear to take not to mention getting some Japanese yen!

Buying foreign currency is always a gamble on when to get the best rates, sometimes you just gotta go with the flow and hope that the rates don’t explode a day or two after you place the order.

I also have to work out how much to take – but I usually have an allowance plan for so much per day.  This amount never changes (it is always more than I need) and I always bring back a decent chunk of what I took over.  Biting the bullet – the order is made.

Checking on the Incredible Tours site (thank you for the photo above)  – there is only 1 more vacant spot so that means 7 of us have booked and are ready to go.  Julius has also arranged the extra nights accommodation pre-tour so I don’t have to change rooms.  I am flying in a day early so it would have been a pain to be in one room for one night and then move to another room for the remainder of the time in Tokyo.

Apart from the above there is not much more happening at the moment.  I am sure that as time gets closer the packing lists will commence.  What to put in checked baggage – what to put in carry on – what to put in my handbag.

Spoiler alert – I am not taking all my camera equipment. Don’t worry I will still have enough but seeing that I have to cart it around in a back pack – I will have to be realistic.  I do not want to come home looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

End of update #1

Kougokitai (stay tuned)

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