2018 Incredible Japan – Day 2

TOKYO – flash cars and hotel dramas

Sunday – I have arrived – it is 4.50am. Yep in the morning. Holy samurai it is early.  It is still dark so no photos – bummer.  Felt like we taxied all the way back to Oz – seemed to go on and on forever.  Finally came to a stop and now it’s time to leave making sure I have everything.  Another l-o-n-g walk but the good thing is there are lots of travelators, about 10 of them.  Nice airport with lots of Autumn trees down the walkways.

First stop – Customs – then Quarantine – all is OK.  Everyone has nice smiley faces and after being welcomed in a friendly manner I am allowed to enter.  I was not picked up for any extra investigation in either Sydney or Tokyo so that’s a first. Word must have spread that I am no threat.  Time for baggage collection – waiting – waiting – waiting.  Here it comes so through Quarantine again.  I have nothing to declare to all is well.

Through the exit doors and there is the Green Tomato man with my name on a placard.  How exciting.  He is very nice and helps me with my suitcase.

There is also a father & son that has a booking but when we get outside we are sent in different directions.  I am expecting a van with Green Tomato on it but what’s this?

There is a sleek black car with a chauffeur and another ordinary car.  Father and son get in the ordinary car and I get in the sleek black limo.  The driver is very elegantly dressed – black suit and white gloves – I am most impressed.  He doesn’t seem to speak English and I don’t speak Japanese so it’s a rather quiet journey.

After about 40 minutes we arrive at the hotel – Comfort Hotel Higashi Kanda.  Looks like a nice place.  Mr Chauffeur opens the door for me and then proceeds to take my bags into the foyer.

There is lots of bowing and saying thank you and then it’s time to check in but I am too early.  I am allowed to have breakfast in their dining area and they tie up my luggage while I head for something to eat.

Breakfast consists of strong coffee – and a bit of food.

Apparently I am not as hungry as I thought.  It is now 9am and I am so tired – but they will not let me check in until 3pm, but if I pay an extra amount I can check in early.  Maybe I should go for a walk to try and keep going but looking out the door there doesn’t seem to be much around.

Back to food – little sausages, fried chicken, pineapple, lettuce, rice with mushrooms and corn. I feel better.  Reading the itinerary makes me feel even better and I am trying to keep awake so my body can adjust but I think I am fighting a losing battle.  I am sure I will fall into bed tonight – let’s just hope that the bed is comfy.  I am here for 3 nights so will get a chance to unpack and reorganise.

There are still a lot of people turning up for breakfast – maybe it is all day grazing and if it is then lunch is covered.  It is Remembrance Day but I keep my own silent vigil.  I thought I may look out of place if I stand up and recite the Ode.

I have decided to go for the early check-in. Drama ensues.  They don’t speak goodly English.  If I want to check in now it is going to cost me 4,000 yen which is about $60.  That’s OK just give me the key BUT then they tell me that I will have to pay the full account now as the company hasn’t paid.  I nearly fall over thinking that Mr Incredible has absconded with the funds and left me stuck in Tokyo.  Finally got Julius on the phone and he sorts out everything.  What a carry on – still it was just another adventure.

I can go to my room #1007 on the 10th floor.  Queen bed – nice and comfy and I sleep until around 4.30pm.

I have received an email from Mr Incredible and he apologies once again and offers to take me to dinner to make up for the drama.

We go to Denny’s (a short walk from the hotel) where I order Rib Eye Steak Rare with Garlic Soy Sauce, Steamed Greens and Scallop Potatoes.  It was delicious.  Julius explains that the hotel had 4 bookings for me.  How on earth they managed that is beyond me but everything turned out OK.

Tomorrow the tour begins with a visit to Odaiba Bay.  I fall into bed with a full tummy and sleep until morning.

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