2018 Incredible Japan – Day 12 Part 2

TOGETSUKYO BRIDGE to KIMONO FOREST – bridges and materials

Well, if you are expecting some photos of the bridge – you will be disappointed.  We did get to walk over it but the opportunity to take photos was non existent due to the large numbers  of touristy traffic.  However, this is the view from the Togetsukyo Bridge.

Our next stop is the Tenryu-ji Zen Temple.

We will not be visiting the actual temple but will be viewing the Sogenchi Garden.  This garden is laid out by the first head priest Muso Soseki in the 14th century and it still retains its original appearance – how amazing.

When I enter I walk straight into the wonderful Autumn colour which just cries out to be photographed.  Turning the corner is the Karesansui or the dry landscape garden.





How about the middle photo? I could not resist the photo of the Aussie tree – all green and gold just for me.  The view of the Sogen-chi Pond is just beautiful and calming. If you visit the temple, there is a seating area where you can sit and enjoy the view – but the pond and its surrounds has no seating.

Unfortunately the sky is washing out – I must learn the settings so that this does not happen.  The list of things to learn never ends.

Doesn’t it look as if the weather is turning nasty?  It is not cold but it is getting late in the afternoon   Above right is our esteemed leader Julius.  He, like the rest of us is continually snapping away after making sure that we are OK.  As we are taking the time to have a rest – a group of lovely ladies dressed in kimonos turn up.  One of our group offers to take their photo with their phone – so of course, we all snap away –

Once everyone has taken ample photos – it is time to head back to the hotel but first a visit to the Kimono Forest of which we had enjoyed a sneak preview earlier today.  Located next to Randen Arashiyama train station this colourful art collection consists of around 600 pillars which display traditionally dyed textiles used in the making of kimonos.  Obviously it is going to be impossible to put in photos of every pillar, but hopefully my selection will give you an idea of just how amazing and informative this display is for everyone.

 Trying to dodge the crowds who seem to pop out at the most inopportune moments – sometimes it works but this couple (above right) were so happy for me to take their photo along with their selfie stick – I couldn’t resist.

This is a magical place, you can get lost weaving in and out or along the pathway and then you come to this treasure – a small pond called Ryu no Atago which draws water from a natural spring.

It is believed to be an energy spot with healing and spiritual powers.

Some of the patterns are truly extraordinary and if you look closely there is a fabric woven with a skeleton motif –  I am not too sure why someone would make a kimono depicting skeletons –

We have finished our wandering and snapping so now it is time to head for the station and back to the hotel – but first a discovery is made on the station – there is a sake tasting store – of course the alcoholics in the group partake – strangely enough I wait outside and take a few more photos –

Another happy train and this little doggy was with his owner outside the sake store – yes, they are stickers on his little face.  mmmmmmmm – – – –

Tomorrow is the fabled Rurikoin Temple in its Autumn splendour and lunch with a Geisha – –

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