2018 Incredible Japan – Day 14 Part 2

KINKAKUJI – all that glitters

Rested and rearing to go we are back on the bus and rail system and heading for the Golden Pavilion.

Arriving at Kinkakujimichi Bus Station it is a short walk through brilliant Autumn colours and we are lining up with lots of other people.  Even though there is a crowd it is not uncomfortable and the people are not pushy.

There is a wonderful Temple Bell – anyone can go and ring it – the sound is fantastic.  RL is getting our tickets and we make use of the wait taking loads of photos – – as if I needed an excuse – – aren’t these colours wonderful?









With tickets now in hand we proceed through the entry and along a pathway which gives us glimpses of the shimmering gold – we are lucky and sun is shining at its best – –

Kinkakuji is a Zen Temple which is famous for its gold leaf covered exterior.  It’s history is turbulent, having been burnt down several times.  In 1950 it was set on fire by a crazy monk and had to be rebuilt again. What we see today was completed in 1955.

It is set in an impressive location, overlooking a pond in an expansive strolling garden.  The architecture of the building is also unique in incorporating three different styles, one for each floor.  Nearby there is a 600 year old pine that is shaped like a ship and is a stunning example of a living work of art.

When I finally get a good clear view – I am gobsmacked.

Glistening in the afternoon sun, sometimes depending where you stand, you are nearly blinded by the gold.  What an amazing place – the reflection in the lake is astounding.  As we move along the path we get to see the back and that is just as amazing.

Time to leave the Golden One and do some exploring of the grounds – little ponds and pathways with steps climbing to who knows where, but every now and again you still get a glimpse of the Pavilion shining through the Autumn colour.

I cannot get over how polite the people are – they seem to understand about photography and will patiently wait until you take your photos.  It is a two way street – if you are patient and polite then they will be too.  Of course you do get a couple who are rude and argy bargy – but we won’t talk about them.

We have one more place to visit – so I will add a 3rd part to this day.  I don’t want you to get all Autumned out.  We are heading to Ryoanji – another wonderful temple of peace and tranquillity.

So take a deep breath, go and pour yourself some refreshments or just put a straw in the bottle – get relaxed and I will see you there – –


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