2019 Greek Odyssey – an update

With 4 weeks to go – I thought you would like an update.  There have been some changes to the initial plan but that was always going to be the case.

As the time gets closer, the more I look at my itinerary and I am getting more excited with what I am going to see and experience not to mention what I am going to eat and drink and that means getting out the DVD’s and books and making lots of notes of what to see in each place. I will most probably take a book or two with me just for reference and I have printed out lots of maps for my daily wanders.

Of course that won’t mean anything because I am sure I will still get lost somewhere.

How exciting!

Last time I was in Greece – 20 years ago – drachma was the currency, now it is euro so I was lucky enough to get some at a good rate before our exchange rates decided to do a swan dive off the gap.  As usual I think I have bought too much – but better too much than not enough as I always say.

I remembered the debacle getting the money at the Post Office when I went to Japan so it was definitely a Travelex Office pick up.  No waiting – no probs.  A good start.

I also had an email from Emirates telling me that my flight from Dubai into Athens is now an hour later so instead of getting in at 8,30pm it is now 9.30pm which doesn’t create that much of a drama except that I won’t be at the hotel until around 10.30 / 11pm.  As I wanted to be up and about early the next morning it could turn into a problem.  Oh well, there’s nothing I can do about  that so let’s not worry.  I will just have to get on the strong Greek coffee first thing in the morning.

It will soon be time to get out the packing lists again – because of Business Class (yes, I am rubbing it in) I can take 40kg and also 2 x 7kg cabin bags. One of these bags will be my camera gear – not that I am taking everything mind you – but you have to take what you will need because I cannot just duck home and get it!

I will have to remember not to go too heavy as I must have enough room coming home and anyway for the internal flights I am only allowed 32kg checked and 7kg cabin bag. I usually travel pretty light so everything will be fine.

There has also been a slight change to the itinerary.

I further investigated the reviews of the Three Island Cruise and immediately took fright.  Too crowded – not enough seating – not enough time spent on the islands – queues to get off the boat – queues to get back on the boat – pushing and shoving for lunch (been there, done that) so Lea has cancelled that little nightmare and now I am catching the ferry to Hydra and spending the entire day there.

I have always wanted to visit Hydra mainly because of the movie Boy on a Dolphin with Sophia Loren and Alan Ladd.  So now instead of being pushed around by grey fakers I will be wandering aimlessly on Hydra soaking up the atmosphere not to mention some Ouzo and great food.  Maybe even a bit of snorkelling?

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