2007 Road Trip Adventures – Day 23

ST HELENS – a little bit of R and R

Monday – this morning I wake up and think through muddled brains where am I, what do I have to pack and where are we off to today?  Answer – ST HELENS, NOTHING & NOWHERE.  Time for some me time.

Kylie has had to go to work this morning – that’s a bummer for sure. Tyler does not have to work until this afternoon – and me I can laze around all day.

After I lay in bed for a while reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,I decide that some Vegemite toast and coffee will be just nice thank you.  The grand-kittens have still not decided to talk to me – but once I start rustling around in the kitchen they make an appearance.

Unless you like Vegemite toast then sorry you are out of luck!  After munching on my toast fingers I then proceed to look through all the stuff I dragged halfway across the USA.  I am getting a headache just looking at it – so I’ll do it later.  Back to bed and the book.

After Tyler wakes up we just continue to laze around until Kylie rings later in the morning to see if we are OK.  We assure her that we are – and also the children are fine.

It’s just going to be a sit around do nothing type of day.  About lunch time Tyler suggests we go and get some lunch so we go to Snow Queen and pick up a burger and drink – the staple food of most Americans.  That’s easy.

That’s the type of day it was – nothing like the adventures of the past 22 days!

Highlight of the day: being lazy

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