1998 Mystery of History – Day 17

Luxor to Cairo – all cruised out & time to fly

▲ ▲ ▲Monday – an early start to the day – so that we can get our things together and settle our accounts for our drinks etc.  We say our goodbyes to the crew who were just so wonderful and thanked them for such an enjoyable cruise.

We had an unforgettable time and I will cherish every minute of this cruise not to mention the grandeur of the monuments and temples of this country so steeped in history..  We board our little bus that takes us to Luxor airport that is packed even for this early hour.

We buy some bottled water and some bags of potato chips (very healthy) and off we go to board the plane.  The flight was a bit bumpy but we are still gazing out the window to see anything below us.

Landing in Cairo we discover it was just as hazy as when we left – did I really expect it to change?  No, not really.

Another bus to our hotel Semiramis and oh no because we get in early our rooms are not ready.  The rest of the group are quite happy to receive this kind of treatment and loll around in the foyer but after much polite discussion Sekhmet shows her true colours.

Some rather heated words with the concierge along the lines of ‘you knew we would be getting in early. What do you mean our rooms are not ready?’ Hence the Concierge, Duty Manager and any other staff member who is stupid to join in on this conversation are blasted into oblivion by the Mistress of Dread and we are given an Executive suite – with a tremendous view of the Nile.

The photo above and this one are the views from our room!   Much better than last time – – I don’t know what rooms the others got but we are happy and the hotel staff are none the worse but a bit wiser for wear.

After we settle in, we decide to have a swim and a relax.  Walid has asked us if we are interested in taking the ‘optional’ Sound and Light Show at the Pyramids.  We all agree and hand over the sum of USD 10.00 each.

We are excited and looking forward to it – the night is balmy and we are thinking of the wonderful experience we had at Karnak.

Back on the little bus and when we arrive we discover that there is no reserved seating – so Kylie and I hot-foot it upstairs to the balcony where we are lucky enough to get front row seating.  Great view.

The show starts and personally, it doesn’t have a cracker on Karnak – but hey, when in Cairo.

It was more of a formal history lesson on the life and times of the pyramids and sphinx and who had passed by them during their tours of duty together with a lot of laser show without any personal touch.  However, saying that  the laser lighting in the complex however was brilliant but we lacked the sense of being ‘at one’ with the setting.

After the show it’s back on the bus to the hotel.  Tonight’s dinner was rather a come-down from our sumptuous meals on the boat – McDonald’s and another ice-cream cone.  Oh, how the mighty fallen – – – –

Highlight of the day : Sekhmet’s battle with the troops

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