1998 Mystery of History – Day 30

London – the Fab Four & Carnaby Street

Sunday – seeing that I was a teenager of the sixties and an avid Beatle Fan, Kylie has decided that she is going to show me Apple Studios and Abbey Road.  We set off and arrive outside the hallowed studios.

On the wall outside the studios people have written their names and left messages.   I imagined the place to be larger than what it was and we only saw the outside.  Still, Beatles history and once again I am standing before a hallowed monument!  Any minute now John, Paul, George and Ringo will come around the corner and walk across the road!  Looking for a pen or something to write with so that I too can leave a message, I discover I don’t have one.

Yes, yes I know.  What a tourist, but you should be used to it by now!  And to top it all off I just had to have my photo taken walking across Abbey Road.

I walk back and forth across that famous pedestrian crossing and I am sure that the cabbies really don’t appreciate all us tourists doing this Beatles thing – I could tell by the look on their faces when a couple of them tried to run me over even though I did try to cross when there was no traffic so I am a considerate tourist albeit tragic!

After that we head off to Carnaby Street– mecca for all of us of the modded mini skirted generation.  It was the centre of the fad and fashion world when the British groups were flying high on the charts and everyone – yes everyone wanted to be there.

There are lots of interesting shops but also lots of shops with a nasty touristy sixties things – all made in China no doubt.  It would have been great to have been part of this scene back then.  The clothing of the sixties was something to behold.  Mary Quant makeup – high boots – short skirts – hot pants – and I had all of it – unfortunately not from Carnaby Street.

Speaking of clothing I also decide that I have to buy a new pair of joggers – my current ones are falling apart from all the walking I have done over the past four weeks.

They have taken me all around London and Athens not to mention the trek and a half through Egypt.  But I can’t be seen getting on a plane with flapping soles on my shoes.  We find a sports store and I get some shoes – and an Arsenal Soccer shirt.  Go the Gunners!

 As you can see by this photo – I also find a new friend. Shame I can’t take him home. Do you think they would notice if I walked off with him?

My holiday is drawing to a close – – we go home, have dinner and an early night.

Highlight of the day : Being back in the sixties

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