1998 Mystery of History – Day 32

London to Singapore to Sydney – farewell to Olde England – but not forever – this convict will return!!!

Tuesday – well, the final day has arrived.  The time has gone so fast since I got here and we have been to a lot of fabulous places and seen a lot of incredible things.  I have fulfilled a dream and have been able to share that dream with my daughter.

Everyone should be able to fulfill at least one dream in their lifetime.  I am so lucky – it has been a great holiday.  Today is a day for staying around the flat – getting organized and finish packing.  We get a cab to the airport and it is sad to be leaving.  I am sure that the floodgates will open when I actually have to say goodbye to Kylie and walk through the gate at the airport.

Heathrow is packed and I book my suitcase through.  We walk around the shops do a bit more spending and have some coffee then it is time for me to go through customs.  I try and be very brave but I dissolve into a flood of tears and it is unbearable.  We are both crying but, I finally get up the courage and walk through waving goodbye to Kylie all the time.

To console myself because I am still crying – I spy a Harrods shop and go for a wander inside.  They have the Harrods Christmas Bear with the year 1998 embroidered on his foot – I desperately feel as if I need a friend to cuddle on the way home and decide to take him with me, hoping he will not mind.

I will name him Harry – – so off we go to find a seat and wait for our call up.

I cannot remember much about the flights home.  My first flight is departing Heathrow on Lufthansa Flight 4505 at 7pm and arriving Frankfurt at 9.30pm 20/10/1998.

I make sure I have a window seat this time – – and the Lufthansa staff are very nice.  They try and console me as I am still crying and Harry is a great comfort.  I sit and cuddle him on the plane, except when it is time for food and drink.  He is not hungry!

We arrive in Frankfurt and it is time to do the airport shuffle again.  Back on the train that takes me to another terminal, I am all worn out – and still crying 2 hours later.  Next flight departs Frankfurt on Lufthansa Flight 786 at 10.20pm on 20/10/98 and arrives in Singapore at 4.25pm on 21/10/1998.  Coming over I gained a day – so going back I will lose a day somewhere between Frankfurt and Sydney.  Frankfurt airport is so big.  When I flew in coming over it was in the morning – flying out I get a chance to see the night lights.  I have a window seat again so that is good.

This is a very long flight and I do get some sleep – except when they come around with the food trolley.  As upset as I am I can still manage to pack away the food.  This is one exhausting flight let me tell you.  Anyway we arrive in Singapore and then it is time for me to ‘take the train’ again and find my Qantas check in counter.

I have stopped crying, that’s a good thing.  My eyes look like I have been peeling onions for 6 months and any trace of makeup has been left at Heathrow.  Final flight departs Singapore QF 6 departing 8.15pm on 21/10/98.  We (Harry and I) go through the check in and as we get on the plane the attendant says to me ‘Welcome Home’ and I start crying all over again.

How on earth did he know that I was an Aussie and a distressed one at that?

Anyway, I have a window seat and Harry and I settle down for our flight home. At least the radio earphones are working this time.  I have the menu from this flight so I can tell you what I had to eat. For supper I have – Seasonal Salad, Grilled Chicken Breast with Mushrooms, Chocolate Cheesecake & Tea.  Time for a sleep and it doesn’t take much before I am sleeping in the clouds due to sheer exhaustion.  When I wake the attendants are coming around with a Morning Refreshment of Apple Juice, Warm Fruit Muffin & Tea

Must mean we are nearly home. The flight arrives in Sydney at 5.25am on Thursday 22/10/1998.  Thankfully I have stopped crying by this time – but I must admit I still look like a total wreck.  I do, however, get a trifle teary at the sight of Sydney and that wonderful harbour.

I have filled in the necessary customs paperwork and am ready to disembark.  Making sure I haven’t forgotten anything, especially Harry, I collect my luggage and get through customs.  Stuart is there to meet me and by the time I get home all I want to do is sleep.  I think I must have jet lag.

I give out the presents I have brought back and then I decide that I will head straight for bed.  I do not have to go back to work for another 4 days so I’ll have plenty of time to recover.  Harry and I snuggle up together to dream about days gone by.  It was a great trip – I am so glad I did it and now it’s time to start planning the next one!

Highlight of the day : my wonderful harbour

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