2016 Ultimate Kenya – getting started


Mt KilimanjaroBefore I start to ramble on – the photos on this page are not mine due to the fact that I haven’t been yet – credit is due to Chris Bray Photo Safaris

For what seems like years I have been planning an African Adventure – seeing elephants, lions, buffalo and all the usual suspects in THEIR natural surroundings.  That means no fences and glass barriers between us 🙂

When I was younger (and fitter) a 30 day trek with a bus load of self-sufficient tourists (namely us) who had to do the buying, cooking, putting up tents etc sounded exciting and was in the planning – that changed to an organised safari with a big company with even bigger hordes of noisy tourists all chasing over the plains to see (and frighten) the animals.

The BraysFinally, after attending a Photography Course at Taronga Zoo (thank you tax refund) run by Nat Geo photographer and all around explorer Chris Bray and his partner Jess Taunton (as she was then, they have now married) I was sold on the idea of Ultimate Kenya – 14 days with only 8 people in the group split into 2 groups of 4 plus guide and driver in separate jeeps. First class accommodation where everything is done for you – scrumptious meals already prepared – no crowds – photography advice on a one to one basis – you get the drift.

Yep, definitely the way to go.

KenyaKenyaThis was to happen in 2013 but as great plans go – the great plan went, and the Travelling Trio decided to hit the East Coast of the USA in Autumn – see separate journal for that little trek.  When that was over and I was back home, I decided that it was time for a break from the family jaunt and hit out on my own and what better way to do it than Kenya with Chris and Jess.

The prices and budgets were set in place and I figured it would take me until January 2016 before I had enough to travel.  God, at this rate I will be working until I win lotto or drop in my harness whichever comes first.

KenyaCape BuffaloAn email was sent to Chris in early 2014 notifying him of my interest and his offsider Jonathan answered telling me I was now on their list to be notified when the dates for 2016 became available.  I can hardly wait.  In November 2014 the dates for Ultimate Kenya were advertised – I received the promised email and not even being commonsensical (is there such a word?) thinking about it, I bit the bullet so to speak and paid my deposit. No turning back now!

Whacko – so all I have to do now is book –

  • Airfares with their tried and trusty travel agent Luke.  That will be interesting as I have to fly Sydney – Dubai – Nairobi
  • Travel Insurance with 1cover
  • Two nights extra accommodation at the Windsor Golf & Country Club in Nairobi prior to the start of the safari
  • Tourist visa
  • Shuttle from Nairobi airport to the Windsor
  • Have yellow fever injection, organise malaria tablets and check on the other immunizations that I have had to see if they are up to date
  • Buy a few bits and pieces – power board, camera cards, hat, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, lip protector – the list goes on and on

 Once that is all done I will be ready to go if I haven’t already collapsed from exhaustion.

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