2016 Ultimate Kenya – by air and land


Kenya FlagOnly 36 weeks to go and time for an update on the situation.  Flights are booked – I have gone against everything I have ever done and booked Emirates, yes that is a shock.  I have always flown Qantas but Luke (the tried and trusty agent recommended by Chris Bray) achieved a good deal for me with Emirates and even chose my seats at no extra cost – Qantas take note.

Flight is Thursday 14th January EK413 departing Sydney 9.45pm / seat 47K / arriving in Dubai on Friday at 5.15am (yuk).  Was a bit dubious as the plane is an A380 and the last (and only) time I flew on one of those was with Qantas and I was nearly knee-capped when the woman in front of me reclined her seat.

A380-800My only memory is that it was a lousy trip space wise – but I have to be optimistic.  Everyone says Emirates have more room and are better than Qantas – we will see.  Anyway, enough of that because there will be more to say on my blog when I am actually flying. Yes, I have checked, Emirates have the flight path screen and I know you are happy to know that because you will be able to read all the flight details of the trip!

OK – so now I have arrived in Dubai – I fly out for Nairobi on Emirates again at 10.35am and arrive at 2.45pm.  Have arranged for transfers from the airport to my first port of call and overnight accommodation – The Windsor Golf and Country Club.  It does look good from what is on the web.  I am here for 2 nights prior to the Safari commencing so should be relaxed and rearing to go come Sunday morning and I should imagine a dip or two in the pool will be on the agenda.

KENYA MAP 2016This is the map of the Safari – I will not go into detail here.  It is just for you to look at and get extremely jealous!

Anyway when the Safari has finished and I have worn out cameras/lenses and me, it is time to head back to Oz on Sunday 30th Jan.  Emirates to Dubai and then on to Oz – flight EK 414 / same seat 47K.

We are now all up to date – just the visa and the nasty jabs to get and in no time I will be lurking in the African bush waiting to get those fabulous once in a lifetime photos.  Stay tuned.

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