2013 Autumn Leaves on the East Coast – Day 26 Part 3

NEW YORK – on the ice at the Garden

Madison Square GardenAfter a rather long rest it is time to set off again.  This time not far, to Rangerstown otherwise known as Madison Square Garden to watch the icy hockey match between the New York Rangers and the Pittsburgh Penguins.  I have no idea about any of the players or where their teams stand in the league, nevertheless I am excited at the thought of being there.

Retrieving the battery from the charger, making sure we have the tickets, dressed in warm clothes we head off.  For dinner we get some takeaway from one of the many, many food vendors that line the streets.  These are vans that sell just about anything you want and don’t think that it is salmonella on wheels for a moment.  The vendors are all licensed and checked and the food looks delicious.  There are different vans for different foods from hot dogs to salads and meats.  Anyway, enough of food – it’s off to Rangerstown.

Rangers vs PenguinsThis is not going to be a long post – as it is not feasible to give a play by play description and anyway I don’t have a clue who is who.  All I know is Rangers are red, white and blue!  We arrive and first up a visit to the NHL shop where I get a Rangers jacket so that I will be in the spirit of things.

Finding our seats we prepare for the all singing all dancing affair know as ice hockey.  The players are on the ice so the camera is out and snapping away.

Home of the BraveAfter the warm up – a Guard of Honour together with the singer proceeds to line up on the ice and the National Anthem is sung in all pomp and ceremony – once it has finished there is mad cheering and true patriotism. It certainly is a grand spectacle and I wish that Australians were just as outgoing in their patriotism – but that’s a story for another time.

I love the score screen that hangs from the ceiling.  Close-ups of players with all the relevant information gives me more chance to know who and what I am snapping and seeing that we are at a Rangers game – photos of Rangers players abound!

LundqvistDel ZottoTime for some action shots –  defending and attacking.  I have forgotten how fast this game can be.  From one end to the other and then back down again – non stop.

Every time Rangers score the fans leap to their feet (not good for camera activity) and go wild singing and chanting – like the English Premier League – a certain song for a certain event.

Lundqvist in actionFace offAnyway, the fans are in fine form and the score keeps climbing.  I have given up trying to take photos of goals because of the sheer enthusiasm of those in front of me and resort to taking photos of the screen. Yes, I know it’s not the same but it’s as good as it gets!

Rangers goalStepan scores

Penguins defendPlaying niceTime for everyone to go and get some refreshments and going by the noise and language of one particular male behind me he has had enough alcohol for tonight.  It is also time for a little humourous half time entertainment.

Human pucksThree human pucks are all lined up and have to race around the ice in their joggers or whatever they have on their feet.

I think the guy in red has done this before as he has great style and wins by a country mile.

Time for the players to come back on and continue – everyone is back in their seats, the music is playing, the chanting has started  and away we go – – –

Rangers defendLundqvist savesSome great defending and attacking – score is 4-1 Rangers and then a little bit of biff just to liven up the action.  Gloves are off – sticks are dropped and they are into it.  I am not too sure how much actual punches were thrown – didn’t look too bad –

Fight timebut typical of any hockey match, male egos get in the way and the refs come in to stop it.

This has added excitement to an otherwise one sided game and pleases the crowd who are jeering and carrying on – but it is all part of Hockeyfest and everyone seems to enjoy the spectacle.

The refs calm everyone down – gloves are back on, sticks picked up and the game continues with everyone playing happy.

Rangers score again the scoreline is now  Rangers 5 – Penguins 1 and that is how it finishes.

Rangers goalRangers 5-1It is now time to pack up our gear and find our way out – the crowds are all moving OK – down in the lifts and out into the crisp air of the New York street.  It has been a good night and although we are tired from a most exhausting day – we would not have changed a thing.

Our NY HotelHere is a photo of the sign on our hotel – a timely reminder that Christmas is not far away – just what I need!

It would be great to be in New York at Christmas, maybe put that one away on the bucket list?  I would love to see the lights and decorations. Singers caroling and the Santas on every corner ringing their bell – the imagination is off and running again!

There is no special highlight today as everything was great.  If I had the energy I would kick up my legs and give a rousing chorus of New York, New York!

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