2001 Norfolk Island’s Lazy Dayz – Day 7

Saturday – the day IT3 tried to do me in & more fine dining!

Today we plan on doing something adventurous – a drive up Mt Pitt that is only 316 metres high.  We have to go through the township so of course we stop at the Tropicana for our usual sustenance. 

We can see the mountain from where we are and we know that we will get some stunning views from the top.  Unfortunately as the old saying goes – the best laid plans of mice and men – the road is closed to traffic but you can park at the bottom and walk up. 

IT1 turns a lovely shade of pale, declares she will stay with the car and have a look around at the bottom of the mountain and IT3 looks at me and says come on it’s only a short walk.  Well short it may be but it is straight up!  Feeling pretty fit we set off.  One good thing is that the road winds around so we get a breather every now and again. 

IT3 is striding off while I am huffing and puffing and not at all impressed.  She keeps on saying small steps and deep breaths – small steps and deep breaths.  Well – if I could catch her I’d give her one large step in the you know where! 

Eventually after many false alarms thinking it’s just around the next bend – we finally reach the top.  My body is definitely not at all impressed with that little outing and is wondering what has happened to our usual easy going morning!  Those mornings at the Tropicana have finally caught up with me.

There is one good thing though – the views are spectacular and after gaining some sort of composure I manage to take a snap or two.

We stay up here for about half an hour and then decide we better head on down and find out what IT1 has been doing all this time while we have been having so much fun.  The walk down is easy but not as easy as it should be because some of the parts are steep and one gets into a bit of a trot.

Collapsing into the car – we dissolve (again) into gales of laughter.

This morning has been a real hoot but I am desperately looking forward to going home and relaxing before our lunch at The Homestead  to celebrate IT1’s birthday which is in November but hey, a celebration is a celebration.

Off we go to Hundred Acres again – and we can either sit outside in the gardens or inside.  We start off sitting outside but the nasty sandfly bities are out so we opt for a quick getaway inside and the grace and charm of quiet dining on the enclosed verandah.   We are enjoying our meal and once again we have a fabulous time.

As it is IT1’s birthday celebration she is allowed to partake of as much alcohol as she wishes. A special pink champagne is used to toast the day and then it’s back to the usual alcoholic beverages.

Our hosts are Anne and Ted Greenhalgh and they are a lovely couple.  It is a lovely restaurant and is open only for morning and afternoon teas and lunches.

Of course you can book special occasions like weddings etc but they do not open for dinner.  We stay there for about 2 hours or so and then decide we had better make tracks so that they can prepare for the afternoon tea crowd.

Well, that is easier said than done and IT1 has a bit of trouble standing up and tells us that her mouth has gone numb – and as you can see from the photo below there is a pretty good reason for that!

When we get home we continue the party – –  but not wine – we have amaretto over ice while IT3 has scotch!

Now before you say anything and condemn us for partaking of too much alcohol let’s just put forward our case that we are helping the Norf economy by our meal and alcohol purchases!

On the right shows us enjoying our conservatory and it won’t be long now before we collapse.

Highlight of the day : IT1’s Birthday Bash