2001 Norfolk Island’s Lazy Dayz – Day 8

Sunday – rather woolly heads and taking it even easier

After our big day yesterday and our rather large intake of alcohol and Norfolk Island produce we decide today is going to be nice and quiet without too much carry on. So with that in mind and after our dekkie brekkie we decide to explore Bucks Point which is not too far away from our house.

We have driven all over the south, west and northern parts of the island and have failed to really explore our own backyard.  We arrive at the Reserve to discover a wonderful parkland that would be great for picnics in Summer – that is unless you have your own private headland and picnic area – like we do!

Parking the car and heading off down to the Reserve which is rather steep, we take things slow and arrive at the bottom of the trail in one piece.  This really is a lovely area and once again the weather is kind with a friendly sun in the sky shining down upon the shimmering blue sea .

The sounds of the ocean hitting the rocks below is always soothing and mesmerising to a degree that you could stand there all day just watching and listening.

Feeling refreshed and calm we decide to head for our usual Tropicana morning tea so back into Burnt Pine.  Sitting at the Tropicana and watching the locals go by is just wonderful.  No-one ever seems to be in a hurry, everyone is friendly and everyone talks to each other – something that is sadly lacking back in Sydney.  The usual wandering of the shops occurs and then we decide to do a bit more exploring of the places we have driven past and not stopped.

This is Mariah’s Restaurant situated at the other end of town.  It is the restaurant at the Hillcrest Hotel and looks like a good idea if we have the time although we are running out of days.

The dining area which overlooks a large reserve and a faraway ocean – see photo on the right.

Just about every place on Norf has a great view whether it be of parks, the ocean or the wonderful Norfolk Island Pines.  Of course we head off down the road under the pretence of  thought of I don’t think we have been down this road – and end up – yep at Kingston.

We have been to Kingston every day and really it is not too hard to do considering that all roads lead to Kingston, some in a straightforward manner and some where Kingston just seems to pop out at you around the next bend saying ‘Gotcha again – here I am’.  Of course this thrills us no end and we always end up laughing.

Seeing none of us really want to do too much walking today we point the car in the direction of Burnt Pine and home.

The picture on the left is of Burnt Pine township – stopping in town to get some provisions we then head back for some down time in our conservatory just quietly reading and being distracted constantly by the views over the ocean and Ball Bay before heading off for our Nanna Nap.

When we wake we are just in time to see the sunset.

A great time to sit on the deck with our beverages, dips etc after enjoying just another day in paradise.

 Highlight of the day: enjoying the quiet of sunset and listening to the birds in the parkland around us.