2015 ‘Click’ing to Cape Banks

Henry Head Track, Kamay Botany Bay National ParkSaturday – today is #3 of my Meetup Clickers.  We are meeting at La Perouse and walking approximately 4km to Cape Banks.  Doesn’t sound too bad and it is another part of Sydney that I have not experienced although I have been to La Perouse but no further.

We are to meet at the Anzac Parade bus terminus around 2.30pm and I haven’t driven out here for a long time so I leave early and take it easy.

What a good drive down through Rockdale and then along The Grand Parade and Foreshore Drive.  Easy peasy and of course you won’t be surprised, I get there around 1.pm.  Just as well as I did as by the look of it, all the parking places are taken.  However I am lucky enough to see a man cleaning the sand off his feet and open his car door so out he goes and hey presto – great parking right across from the bus terminus.  Sure pays to keep your eyes open.

There are a few seafood restaurants here and the weather is great so I presume that is the reason for the crowd. I certainly would like to be counted in the restaurant crowd enjoying a chilled glass of Sav Blanc but maybe at a later date.

I do not have my w/a zoom lens back from the repairer yet so I have to be content with the small lens and that is a bummer.  Sitting in the car listening to the music and watching what is going on around me I notice people arriving so I grab my gear and head on over.  Always good to see some familiar faces and when everyone has arrived we commence our march.  Down some stairs, along some sandy track and then trek along Little Congwong Beach which is hard going in the soft sand.

We then head up the path and along the track which is strenuous in part but still it is in the shade of the trees and we take it easy.  Henry Head walking track is strenuous (well for me anyway) in parts as it curves along the clifftops and beaches of Kamay Botany Bay National Park.  It will, however, show you some great views across Botany Bay and the Pacific Ocean as we move forward to Endeavour Lighthouse.

Henry Head BatteryOnce we arrive here I take a break and we all check out Henry Head’s historic World War II battlements – part of Sydney’s early coastal defense systems.

Being left alone for so long the graffiti artists have taken over not to mention those who like to leave the occasional piece of rubbish behind.  I find a place inside that is not too bad and take this photo – looking out at the Lighthouse and beyond.

Unfortunately when I leave and head further along the track the smell of wacky tabaccy hits me and I nearly keel over.  Pictured below is another part of the Battery where two young males have firmly ensconced themselves to enjoy the pleasures of the good ole’ weed.

Finding a place upwind from them I manage to find a wonderful spot and get the wind and sun on my face even if it is only for a minute or two – and just as well that I have my sunscreen.

Henry HeadIt is a great place don’t you agree? The fabulous shapes and colours of the rocks are great to photograph. They certainly have been weathered over the years and I am sure that when all us tourists leave the crevices are filled with animals who call them home.

Henry HeadHenry HeadHenry HeadIf you are not adventurous you can turn back or you can join the group and walk a further 2km or so to explore Cruwee Cove and the headland at Cape Banks.

Henry HeadHenry HeadAre you rested enough? OK – off we go.  Further along the track there are signs of bushfires with blackened trees standing as a stark reminder of how harsh this country can be.  On the other hand there are a group of birds perched out on a ledge who have obviously been out for a morning fishing expedition.  What a bugger I do not have my good zoom lens with me – oh well another day for that.

To Cape BanksBirdsThe camera is poised and I stay and wait for the birds to do something but all they do is stand still and open their wings so time to start moving again and walking along this part we are right near the coast – Cruwee Cove – and it is great even though I forgot to bring a hat!  The sun is out but the ocean breeze keeps us refreshed .

FlowersTime for a bit of macro along the way – – lots of flowers and insects are out and about and macro is really interesting.  Really need a steady hand or a tripod but these don’t turn out too bad.  Aren’t they pretty purple flowers?

We reach our second last spot on Cruwee Cove and it is only a short push to Cape Banks but my knees have said ‘enough is enough’.  The walking on the track was OK but now ahead is a lot of rock climbing on uneven surfaces to get to the wreck of the SS Minmi at Cape Banks – I decide to stay here and enjoy the rock pools – a smart move and my knees give thanks.  It would have been good to get to the wreck but – maybe on another day.  There is a car park about a 10 minute walk from here so I file that away for future reference.

I love rock pools – they are full of such interesting things.  Broken shells, bits of crab, mosses with little waterfalls – all good subjects for photography. Well, in my opinion anyway.  I just love the beach!

Cruwee CoveCruwee CoveWhilst the others are clicking their little hearts out I am enjoying a nice easy walk around the beach.

RockpoolsCruwee CoveAbout an hour or so later the rest of the troops have not returned so I decide to set off and walk back to La Perouse, that way I can stop and take photos of things that I may have missed on the way here.

Sun through trees The sun has started its final show – sunset is around 7pm – and we are supposed to be back at La Perouse for some sunset shots but I am nowhere near there.

Still I can shoot the sun through the trees and anyway the clouds are really rolling in so maybe there will be no sunset to photograph so let’s make the best of it.  By this time some of the group have caught up on the return trek so we amble along but I still stop to take photos.

A really good opportunity with the sunset and a cargo vessel and then we come across some walkways with spooky trees.

SunsetOn the way backFairy gladesI blurred the last one on the right – makes it look really spooky eh?  Looks like if you make it to the end then you are in for some exciting adventures – but the imagination is off and running again.

Let’s get back to reality.  After the final push to La Perouse where we have to walk up some steep stairs – exactly what you need after trekking along and over a beach – I am ready to give up the ghost but some night photography down near Bare Island awaits.

It is only a short walk along a nice path so not too dramatic.  We are in what is called the ‘blue hour’ hence I suppose that is why the photos are blue.

To be truthful I am not that interested as I have to adjust my lens over and over and it is really pi**ing me off not having my normal lens.

La PerouseLa PerouseNot spending much time here so it is time to say goodbyes and head back home.  I wonder where the next ‘Meetup’ will be?