2016 Ultimate Kenya – all jabbed out


With only 8 weeks to go before I fly out (can you believe it?) it is time for yet another update on the Kenya situation.  All my vaccinations are now complete and I feel that my arm will spring a leak sometime in the not too near distant future. Only thing left in the medicinal department is purchasing my supply of Malaria tablets, Lomotil, Stematil, sunscreen and insect repellant.

Here is the run down of shots – Jab 1 – Yellow Fever (the only mandatory one – you must have this to get back into Oz).  The other ‘shots by choice’ list is like a rundown of every disease.  Jab 2 – Tetanus (always have a booster for this);  Diptheria; Whooping Cough; Typhoid; Polio.  Jab 3 – Meningococcal Meningitis and finally Jab 4 – Hepatitis A which needs a booster in 12 months to provide lifetime cover.

BaccusAfter having all of those the doctor mentions the flu vaccine. He has got to be kidding.  Everyone I know who has had this little nasty jab has got as crook as Rookwood.

I will take my chance and drink alcohol on the plane, drink while I am there and drink on the way home all of course in moderation.  This has worked before – I rest my case.

I still have to get my e-visa and work out what I have to pack.

Of course the priority is my camera equipment (the usual NatGeo photography requirement listing that I always use) is under control and I think that maybe, just maybe I have gone a bit over the top this time but it is not as if I can just dash home and get something so I will take the lot including my Notepad and external hard drives to download the photos every day.

My camera gear weighs around 15kg – my clothes and other stuff – will be around 10kg.  Nothing like getting my priorities right eh? Looks like I will have to unload some of the 15kg into my checked baggage as I am only allowed to take around 7kg as carry on.  Another challenge but I will work something out!