2017 Snow & Lights – Day 22

VICTORIA BC to ST HELENS – the journey back

Coastal CelebrationSaturday – today we leave Canada for our road trip back to St Helens.  22 days ago we had everything in front of us – now it is nearly over. I WANT TO DO IT ALL AGAIN!!!!!

I packed most of my things last night so it is only a quick check to make sure nothing is left behind on chargers, benches or on the floor and then it is downstairs to check out and away we go.

Our ferry from Schwartz Bay does not leave until 12.35pm so we have plenty of time to relax so to speak.

Ferry ParkingWhen we arrive at the dock there are no questions or stuffing around and we are not the last car on this time and our entry into the jaws of the Coastal Celebration is smooth.

Of course there are quite a few people going back to the mainland but it is a nice day, the waters are calm and there are plenty of seats if we want to just sit and enjoy the views.  I sit for a while and then my photo finger gets itchy – so time to click.

Even though it’s a bit chilly outside there is not much wind and that makes for an enjoyable time.

To VancouverOn deckMaybe I would not mind travelling on these ferries everyday if the weather was nice, but I would imagine that on some sailings, you would have to hold onto your lunch!

Arriving as Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal it is an easy exit and now it’s time to head for The Border.

ExitSignDo you think it is rather strange that the sign says US Border and then Hope?  I get the chuckles.  Remembering what it was like last time we drove through the US Entry in Montana, we are prepared for the usual surliness.

Past the Peace Arch and you can see the amount of traffic in front of us but everything seems to be moving OK.

Peace ArchWelcomeThe skies are cloudy and threatening but no rain so far.

A pleasant surprise awaits at The Border – we encounter a lovely man with an equally lovely smile – he checks our passports etc and we are waved through.

To SeattleWe seem to be a bit jaded on the return journey.  Maybe it’s because none of us want to go back to work – we want to keep on travelling, well at least I do.  It’s a vicious circle – if I don’t work – I don’t travel.  But I digress.

On the way home we go through Seattle where there is a large discount retail centre aptly named Seattle Premium Outlets.  Just the thing to lift our spirits – some shopping therapy.  Maybe I can get my bag?

There are so many shops here – – no sooner are we out of the car than we spring into action and on the hunt.  Kylie is a bag fanatic so she knows where every store is – a couple of stores later and I still haven’t found anything AND THEN we head to Michael Korrs.  Honestly the outlet special prices in these stores are incredible – some are around 50% off retail.

BagsOf course this is too good to pass so two MK bags because I couldn’t decide which one I liked better and then it was off to Dooney & Bourke’s for another bag because I was with Kylie while she was buying a bag, I saw it and liked it so bought it. Yes, I know, I know.

The picture shows my bags – the orange MK tote is the one to replace my dilapidated bag to carry on the plane – the brown MK because I liked it and the striped D&B reminded me of Summer sunshine.

All I have to do is figure out how to get two of them into my luggage with all the other stuff, but I will think about that later on.  Speaking of stuffing, our little car is packed to within an inch of its life as we begin the final part of our journey.  It will be good to get home and stretch out, if there is any room left after we get everything out of the car.

It will also be good to get into bed and realise that I don’t have to get up early in the morning to do anything except have coffee and toast. Ah the joys of being on holidays.