2017 Kangaroo Island – Day 6

FAREWELLS and FLIGHTS HOME – the end of a great week

Island BeachMonday today is the last day.   If I could stay in this house and be self sufficient enough to live the life then I would say I am not going to leave.  Unfortunately I have to return to the real world – but I can dream about a life here.

Up early so the plan is to relax for a while, pack what needs packing and just enjoy the views.

I have been slack for not letting you see what the house was like inside so a bit of web investigation when I get home and voila!  I know I should have taken photos myself but there just didn’t seem to be that time when everything was clicker people free.

The kitchen area is just behind the lounge and can you imagine getting anything cooked and served on time if you had those views?  I can honestly say that there would be a lot of salads and low-prep meals going on here if I was the cook!

Island Beach LoungeIsland Beach KitchenBut enough, as the remainder of the group start to bring out their luggage ready to load.  The ladies that prepared our seafood meal are back again to prepare breakfast so that the CB Trio do not have to worry about that and they can get everyone organised and load everything onto the bus.

Breakfast includes bacon, mushrooms, eggs (for those that want them) and tomatoes. Seeing that  I don’t eat eggs, they have prepared a special bruschetta of tomato and avocado with a light olive oil drizzle.  This alone is enough to keep me going for the rest of the day and until I get home this afternoon.

I feel really spoiled and I can tell there are envious eyes watching and waiting for me to offer it around.

I can only eat 2 pieces, so the remaining 2 pieces are quickly snapped up – I don’t have to ask twice.

Kingscote AirportAfter we finish and all our gear is packed we head off to the Kangaroo Island Airport at Kingscote.   What a charming little place.  There is no hustle and hurry – it is very lay back and once our luggage is checked in – I still had the same drama about the only 1 cabin bag but I am a step ahead and quickly rectify the problem so everything is okey dokey.

We have some time yet before our flight leaves so instead of sitting and waiting I head outside for some photos – natch.  There are lots of renovations going on to the terminal building and also the surrounds.

When it is time to board I am organised enough to snap a couple of photos.

Our Rex PlaneOur Rex Plane

Rex Regional Air – Flight ZL 4754 – departing at 10.30am and arriving in Adelaide at 11.05am.

It is a brisk walk across the tarmac and up the stairs – just another adventure and once settled it is time to assess the photo out he window situation.

Once in the air the clicking begins –

Farewell KIFarewell KIEven though the plane is small, it is a comfortable ride and of course I get to enjoy the water in the little plastic cup with the peel back lid served by a smiling attendant.

It is not a long flight, but that doesn’t mean there are any less photos.

To AdelaideWe are nearly there so I will just sit back and enjoy the rest of the flight.

I love looking at the clouds, they are so relaxing and I certainly could do with some relaxation after 5 days of happy snapping and early mornings.

Chris Bray Tours are certainly a great way to go – small groups of 8 – loads of tuition and ideas – great hosts – great accommodation and food and certainly packed with lots to do and see.  They may seem a bit on the pricey side – but in these days you get what you pay for.  You want cheap and nasty – then there are plenty of other tour groups around.  Personally when you get to my age you want some comfort and class and speaking of which we have landed in Adelaide and it’s time to do the luggage reclaim.

Everything has arrived safe and sound and now I have to organise the bags and distribute the weight around for the flight home.

We say our farewells and thank Jono, The Lady and Lachlan for the fabulous week. Much beholden guys.

Line up at check in which is not as bad as it sounds – Business Class line please – then it is time to do the security waltz which is the usual pain in the you know what.  Still a necessary evil in these days – – you want to travel – – you just have to put up with it.

I have a long wait before the next flight – QF 756 departing at 2.50pm so it’s off to the Qantas Business Lounge.  Yes, I am making the most of the snootiness.  Through the glass doors and straight to the trough – –

Qantas Club AdelaideQantas Club Adelaide    and not surprisingly I have my camera poised and ready to snap.

The food looks delicious and certainly tastes just as good – everything you can imagine – salads, meats, pastas – –

Qantas Club Adelaideso a little bit of everything goes on the plate, not enough to be a pig but just enough to last me until I get back home.

This is really nice I must say.  The attendants are always wandering around asking if I want anything, but I just sweetly smile and say ‘No thank you’.

After a while I decide to stretch my legs and go for a walk to see where my gate is – maybe I will stay there for the wait, but after finding Gate 23 with all the kids and parents waiting, waiting I high tail it back to the Lounge for a drink.  Yes, I know what you are thinking and you are right.

Qantas Club AdelaideThis is the cocktail of the day – something resembling a mohito – yummo!

I am firmly ensconced in my chair and just sipping away, wondering what the cattle class are doing – well, I know because I was just down there.

Watching the flight announcement screen it is now time for me to journey back to the gate, so after thanking the lovely Qantas staff in the Lounge I find myself trudging down the escalator and luckily I do not have to wait long before the ‘we would like to invite our Business Class passengers to proceed etc etc’ – that’s me!

Business ClassSettling into the lovely wide seat with my cabin bag stowed safely above me, the fingers are itching to start clicking.

Before we take off – madam is asked if she would like a cool drink (IN A REAL GLASS) and of course madam says yes please.

Even though this is only a short flight and I used my QFF points to fly Business Class, it certainly is the way to go. Unfortunately on my normal flights to the US etc I can only afford cattle class.  Still that is not too bad if you are on a 747.  Qantas A380 is not for me thank you.

OK – the drink is drunk and the snack consumed and we are up in the air.  We are due to land in Sydney at 5.15pm.

Madam is offered a light meal but after the food in the Lounge, I politely refuse.  There has to be a time when enough is enough.

Laying back enjoying the clouds it’s time for just a couple more photos – I know that you like them – – the weather as we come into Sydney is not looking the best as you can tell by the clouds –

SydneySydney above right photo you can see the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House basking in a ray of sunlight streaming through the clouds.

A lovely landing in my favourite city, I just take my time and enjoy what is left of the journey.

SydneySydney and HomeOnce again, it is time to reclaim my bag and head for the station to get the train back home – what a come down – but I will be glad to get home and sleep in my own bed.

I hope you enjoyed your time with me on Kangaroo Island, I can thoroughly recommend it.

Time now to start planning the next adventure.