2007 Road Trip Adventures – Day 24

ST HELENS – just cruisin’ around

Tuesday – it still takes a while to realise that I do not have to jump out of bed, pack up the car with our belongings and head off for the next stop.Lazing in bed for a while I read some of my book and then think – time to get up and have some brekkie.  Tyler is still in bed as he does not have to work until this afternoon.

Vegemite toast and coffee hits the spot and then I start to sort out everything I bought on the trip.  How on earth did I manage to accumulate so much? Oh well, it’s done now – so I’ll just have to pack carefully. I really do love to look at everything though.  Tyler ambles out around 11am and we decide that we will go for a little – extremely little – drive down to St Helens, the town NOT the volcano.

It is another lovely day outside so I gather up the camera and we head on out.  Such a pretty little place right on the Columbia River.  It has a really quaint City Hall and there is a lovely park right on the river where, Tyler tells me, they hold open air concerts etc.  There is also a lovely little marina and lots of wonderful boats.  Would be nice – – – that’s for sure.

 We sit around down here for a while and just relax in the sun.

We then head on off to explore the little town and look at the lovely houses – especially ones with the water views most probably owned by the people who have the boats at the marina.

Then it’s back home as Tyler has to work and I will continue looking through my belongings until Kylie comes home.  When she does we head to Walmart for a spot of shopping and also to restock the larder.

Highlight of the day: relaxing in the sun at the park