2011 Europe by Rail – Day 26

EURODISNEY – the second star to the right has lost it’s glow

Monday – today we are really looking forward to visiting the mouse and the duck.  If EuroDisney is anything like the real thing in Anaheim then I am in for a treat.  Kylie has been here before and had a wonderful time so I am really excited – big kid that I am!

We head out early, without breakfast – for the local Metro and then make the applicable rail changes that will take us to our ultimate destination – Disneyland Paris.  The day is turning out great weather wise so all in all we expect that we will certainly enjoy ourselves.  I am looking forward to brekkie at the Rainforest Cafe, another one of our all-time favourite dining spots.

I have forgotten my Disneyland lanyard with my badges.  Bugger.  It is still back at the apartment.

It takes about 45 minutes of travel time and then I am standing at the entrance of one of the happiest places on earth.  We pre-booked our tickets so it is through the tinkling gates and we are on our way to have brekkie.  Spoiler alert – first disappointment of the day – the Rainforest Cafe is not open so we have to settle for a maccas brekkie.  There is hardly anything open – I cannot understand it as there are quite a few people around.  Nevermind we will return to the Rainforest for lunch.

Walking down Main Street we glimpse Sleeping Beauty’s castle at the end of the walk.  Call me crazy but I don’t seem to be as excited with this place.  Hopefully the excitement will build as the day goes on. It seems to be the same set out as the original but to me, it lacks that special Disney Magic.

Proceeding down the street our first land will be Frontierland where we line for the first ride of the day – Big Thunder Mountain. Waiting, waiting, waiting, we are finally told that the ride has been closed due to a malfunction and they don’t know when it will be re-opened.  OK – that is two disappointments in the first 30 minutes.  I am beginning to lose interest.

We backtrack our way out of the line and head for The Phantom Manor.  Disappointment #3 – closed for maintenance.  Holy shit!  Interest in this place running on empty.  Of all the attractions in Disneyland – be it here or back in the USA – this is Kylie’s favourite.

What is going on here?  Certainly not a happy place.  We ask one of the employees about the closures as this was not listed on the website as being out of action.  All we get is sorry and he is on his way.

OK – let’s try something else.  Adventureland and Pirates of the Caribbean. We are in luck – it’s open – – so off we go for an adventure with Captain Jack.

This is one of my favourite rides – but unfortunately everything is in French – which is understandable I suppose because we are in France.  I can cope with this but Captain Jack speaking French is just not believable.

Our spirits have lifted a bit so we head off for Indiana Jones – disappointment #4 – closed for maintenance.  I have had enough and we just continue to walk aimlessly through the place.

Let’s head for Discoveryland and see what goes over there.  Star Tours is open so in we go.  Next stop Captain EO, a 3D science fiction film starring Michael Jackson.

We then decide to take on Space Mountain.  Most probably because it is open.  This is not one of my favourite parts of the day.  I understand enough that there will be twists, turns and inversions.

We get in the ride, I shut my eyes – the ride finishes – I open my eyes.  Sorry, but that is all I remember except for being thrown around like a rag doll and getting a sore neck.  Tyler has not faired so well either and he is really suffering.

We find a nice quiet spot, have a sit down and a good rest – something to drink and then we are feeling well enough we head off to Fantasyland.

First stop – Peter Pan’s flight where we all travel in the little pirate ships.  Just as well we know the story – Peter is speaking french.  This does not detract and I enjoy the ride – Peter is one of my most favourite childhood stories.

Time for a late lunch and we head back to the Rainforest.  We select a table in one of the quiet areas – meaning away from children – but unfortunately I cannot remember what we had to eat.

Time to head for the parade so we go back to Main Street to do a bit of shopping and maybe find a spot.  The parade starts and maybe it’s because we have had not a very good day – we take only a few photos.

It is late in the afternoon and we really are not enthused to see anything else so we head back to the station and home.

Today for me has been a major disappointment.  I think I expected more magic because the place has the Disney name.  I suppose I thought it would be like the original Disneyland I visited in 2007 but of course, nothing is better than the original.

There were no characters walking around except for the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland so of course we couldn’t pass that one up.

Tomorrow we leave Paris for London – I love London – city of so much history.  So as they say – tomorrow is another day!

Highlight of the day : Peter Pan’s Flight.