2021 Alaska – a plan

An update on what has been happening with this little venture.

SPOILER ALERT – NOTHING – the photos here are not mine but that of Chris Bray Photography (hope I am not breaking any copyright laws) in the hope that I will get there in August 2021.

This little adventure with Chris Bray Photography Tours was something I had wanted to do for a while, but, let’s be honest, I do not travel all that well with others because there are always 1 or 2 that rub me the wrong way and have no thought for others, but in saying that I most probably do the same to them – but I digress – let’s stay positive.

I had worked out the budget – and decided that 2020 would be a bit of a push after my lavish Greek Odyssey extravaganza in 2019 – so it was set down for 2021. Had a look at the itinerary and of course jumped right in and paid my deposit in January of 2020.  How exciting – in August 2021, I will hopefully be photographing bears in their domain not to mention orcas and other varieties of wildlife.  You can check out the tour on the above link.

THEN COVID HIT like a bear on a salmon – all those people who had booked tours for this year whether it be with Chris or not – what a mess it turned out to be, still, I am positive that I will get to Alaska.

The overseas borders remain closed – flights  grounded with no way in sight when I can book, but I am ever the optimist –

When there is more news I will keep you updated – let’s hope it is sooner rather than later.