2001 Norfolk Island’s Lazy Dayz – Day 11

Wednesday – bye, bye Norf!

Well even the weather is sad this morning – we wake to an overcast sky but it does not diminish our enjoyment of the last dekkie brekkie.

We sit and sigh and sigh some more, realising that this is it – today we fly home.

This melancholy quickly burns off as we busy ourselves packing and making sure that our take home booze is secure and will not leak during the trip.

Being good guests we strip the beds and make sure that everything is just as we found it – so that the next guests can have just as memorable stay as we.

After we load the car we have one last look (sigh) before heading up the drive – which is just a tad harder for our four wheeled friend as we now have a full car load of Norf goodies.  Still, no bottom scrapes and as IT3 stops at the top of the drive we glance back and remember all the good times (big sigh).

We can thoroughly recommended this house – no, this home – as that is what it felt like from the first minute we set foot in the door.

Today we are dining at Branka House for lunch and as we have a bit of time we go for a little drive to Point Ross – one place we missed – and also one place that does not lead to Kingston..

This is a dirt road that is very steep and as we do not think our precious little four wheeled friend could make it back up the hill we get out and have a little walk.

The early cloud has burnt off and it is turning out rather hot.  Before we start sweating too much we get back in the car and head off to Branka House.

Today’s meal is just as nice as the first – even though I cannot remember what I had, and as we are flying back we decide to only have maybe one or two glasses of the obligatory vitamin G.

It is really lovely to sit and talk over what we have experienced on this trip and maybe make a mental note of returning one day. Who knows?  Soon enough it is time to head for the airport – we fill up the car at the one and only garage in town and then we drive off to the airport to park in the designated rental car parking area leaving the key still in the ignition – see how trustworthy people are here?

Can you image doing that at Sydney?  And another little bit of information – seat belts are not compulsory here due to the fact most probably one travels a max of 50 kmh whilst giving the Norfolk wave to all the locals.  This wave is done by raising one or two fingers off the steering wheel and whilst doing all of this you also have to avoid the wildlife.

Highlight of the day : NONE – we are going home – bummer!