2019 Greek Odyssey – Day 29 Part 1

NAXOS to ATHENS – back to the gods

Saturday – today I am flying back to Athens where I will have my last full day trying to catch up on what I have missed in all the days I have spent there.

It is a lovely day to say farewell to Naxos – and as I prepare for breakfast I realise that I have not taken many photos of this wonderful resort.

There are not many people at breakfast so I click away before the hordes arrive. As you can see, you can either eat inside or outdoors.  I always preferred inside – it was much quieter.  This is the reception area. Lovely and spacious and it was in this area where I had my arrival naps.

The breakfast room is around to the right of the above right photo.

My Olympic Airways flight today departs at 10.25am so I am back down here around 8.30am to wait for my transfer.

It is hard to believe that my Island hopping is just about over.  I still have Hydra to go but my time spent on these wonderful Aegean havens has been fabulous.  I can understand why people who live in countries that are close want to holiday here every year.

Naxos Airport is a small concern. Still an airport it is and the usual pushy first in line people soon show up. This is the Terminal – I doubt if there are any souvenir kiosks and it looks as if the staff arrive when the flight is due. The guy in this photo could see I want to take a photo but being the dork he was – he stood there and wouldn’t move,

After I present my ticket and passport, I have to lift the bag onto the scales and then put it on the conveyor belt so it can go through scanning.  Below left is the check in line and on the right is security.

Just as well I have not spent up big over the past weeks and increased the kilos.  Once that is given the all clear, I can go through the security where the hand luggage goes through scanning and then I arrive at a small waiting area – two rows of chairs, one either side of the walkway.

The plane finally arrives and of course there are those that get ready to rush on.  It is only a small plane so maybe they think they might not get on. I am at the front of the area and there is a couple opposite me.

She says that seeing I was there before them I should go first. I tell her I am in no hurry, we all have assigned seats so please don’t worry. It isn’t like they are going to take the seats off the plane –

When we are given the all clear we walk the short distance on the tarmac.  I am in seat 10D  which is towards the back. Alas the windows are filthy, the take off video looks like we are flying into a fog so no photos.  It is a nice comfortable flight with the typical snacks and in 45 minutes we descend to Athens.

Another rush by people to get off – maybe they have connecting flights? I take my time and amble to retrieve my luggage.

Unfortunately, in my lay back attitude, I have taken the wrong turn and am now standing outside the luggage reclaim area – crap.

I have to get a lady to let me back in where I sheepishly retrieve my bag and head back outside to meet my transfer.

It is another hot day in Athens – looks like an afternoon walk and maybe another one of my delicious iced coffees as I am staying at the same hotel as previous stays – Hotel Amalia.